Xpera Opens Doors

After four months of a detail-centered TI, Dowling Construction has completed an impeccable transformation of  11,000 square feet for the Xpera Group–the largest and most diverse group of construction and real estate experts in the region. Before demo, the space (located in a Rancho Bernardo business park managed by Menlo Equities) was cramped and unsuitable for its new tenants. Now, Xpera employees can comfortably work in an open, high-tech, modern-industrial warehouse atmosphere. Large glass windows and a roll-up access door allow plenty of natural light to fill the cubicles.

Jim Dowling, Wanda Benedetto, and Jimmy Johns made up the construction team. Jimmy Johns was on site daily to ensure every element of the project was to Dowling’s top-notch standards. When asked what was his favorite part of the TI Jimmy responded,

The structural mechanics are very impressive. There is one beam that runs through the entire mezzanine and essentially is what’s holding up the front half of the structure.

Not only is this beam structurally fundamental, but also serves as an aesthetically pleasing focal point when first entering the building.


Beam that Supports the Mezzanine


View of Mezzanine from Front Entry


On May 25, the Xpera Group opened their doors for a marvelous party. The grand piano, abundant hors d’oeuvres, and merry guests highlighted the expansive size and high ceilings in the suite. During the event, Ted Bumgardner–the founder and President of Xpera–mentioned his favorite feature is that the office is Title 24 compliant. The cost was a bit difficult to digest; however, having a green building with automatic lights that dim/brighten according to the amount of daylight coming in is worth the investment. Title 24, CalGreen, and LEED compliant buildings are slowly becoming the norm as building owners cater to the more conscious consumer. The Xpera Group’s new headquarters are now a space for others to replicate and use as a standard for future green commercial buildings.

You can find another account of this TI project on the front page of the The Daily Transcript. Also, check out our video tab to take a tour of the Xpera Group’s new headquarters.

See photos of the event below.

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