How to Prepare for Fire Season

Unfortunately,the sunshine of summer comes along with an increased threat of wild fires flaring up and ravaging acres of Southern California landscape. You never think a natural disaster will happen to you, but when the flames are miles from your home, having a plan will alleviate a fraction of the stress.

Preparation Tips for Fire Season

  1. Know what personal belongings you absolutely need.
  • Keep important documents (passports, birth certificates etc.) and irreplaceable         mementos (wedding albums, baby books) in a bin that’s ready to be thrown in the car.
  • Store all family member’s prescription medications in the same area so that they can be easily packed and not forgotten.
  • Stash pre-packed suitcases in an accessible closet or corner of the garage that contain a few days of clothing & bathroom essentials, a couple blankets & pillows, and any comforting items to keep children calm.

2. Have a predetermined place to stay.

  • Agree upon a designated area to go to–whether it be Grandma’s house, a vacation home or public shelter set up by Red Cross– and inform all family so that people know where to meet/contact you.

3. Think about your animals! 

  • One thing that can intensify stress during wild fires is finding a safe place for your furpanions. Many shelters do not allow animals, Grandma is allergic to cats, and horses are a rather large house guest. Be aware of your options; some are listed below.

County of San Diego Department of Animal Services:
Facebook pagewebsitelost pet page
Emergency line: 619-236-2341 | Non-emergency line: 619-767-2675

San Diego Humane Society:
website, for animal related fire updates
Animal Rescue Reserve: (619)299-0871

San Diego County Emergency Site:
website, for updates & shelter information

Wild fires are a calamitous part of being a Californian. All you can do is be prepared and stay safe if your home is in an area of evacuation. For updated fire information, check out the CalFire Current Fire Information website.


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