Project Recap: Carlsbad Spec Suite

Project Team: Glenn Fricke – Project Manager, Chad Reed — Superintendent, Shelby Giese – Project Coordinator

Total Cost: The project started with a budget of $192, 510.85, but due to creative value engineering as construction was proceeding we were able to bring the total cost down to $187, 488.65; saving the customer about $5,000. That’s a win!

Project Duration: 9 weeks

This TI followed an “industrial” warehouse concept, with the end product highlighting the square footage and raw aesthetics. Flooring was left as an exposed concrete; ready for a tenant to select a carpet and add their personal touch to the space.

Suite Highlights:

Conference Room Herculite Doors: Two glass panel doors swing both directions and create a secluded, yet visually open, space for collaboration. The conference room draws the eye the second you walk through the front door, and the transparency creates a larger looking space than if the conference room was boxed in with drywall. Shout out to La Mesa Glass for their exceptional skills with installing this fragile material. Need a glass guy? Contact La Mesa Glass at (619) 286-6411.

Cable Rail Stair Case: A stair case as a highlight? Absurd! Well, this is not your traditional, run- of- the- mill handrail. An expert salesman could convince collectors that this cable rail is an expression of art. Not only does the cable rail adhere to the industrial feel of the suite, but also increases the amount of natural light spilling into the second floor from the warehouse skylights & roll-up doors. Credit for the cable rail belongs to Crafters Fence Co., who you can contact at (619) 561-0226.


Special thanks to all our other hardworking subcontractors that contributed their skills to this project:

Gus Ballas Plumbing, Inc.
Casper Company
Choice Electric, Inc.
Greater San Diego Air Conditioning Company
Paul Schubert Painting, Inc.
Spring Valley Insulation Contractors
SRP Enterprises
Titan Fire Protection


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