K-1 Speedway: A Great Destination for your Summer Work Party

With Labor Day already a thing of yesterday, Summer is “officially” coming to an end (although the San Diego weather will keep us sun-kissed for a few more months). Traditionally, Dowling Construction has an end of Summer work party to celebrate our teamwork, safety record and overall appreciation of our dedicated employees.

Gayle Johnson, our CFO & Office Manager, arranged for this year’s fun to take place at K1 Speed in Downtown San Diego aka the most exciting, heart-pumping activity a group of construction personnel could partake in! K1 Speed is an indoor go-kart racing facility, with environmentally friendly electric cars that can go up to 60 mph. There was a private party room for us to enjoy a delicious deli lunch while the guys prayed under their breath for their name to be called during the raffle. Raffle prizes included new drill bits, gas gift cards, Dewalt screw gun and a Makita angle grinder.

As you can imagine, the races were pretty heated, with everyone vying for the coveted 1st place spot on the podium. We had 3 heats that determined your fastest lap; some people were clocking in at 23 seconds! Then, racers were broken into 3 final heats depending on their lap times, and the battle for the block was on; requiring speed and skill to maneuver around tight corners and slower karts. Check out the pictures below to see who now has bragging rights for making onto the podium.

Thank you Jim Dowling, President, and Gayle Johnson for taking the time to plan an adventurous afternoon  for your employees; we all appreciate your efforts!


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