Superintendent Chad Reed Celebrates 11 Years at Dowling Construction

Dowling Construction’s “senior” Superintendent, Chad Reed, celebrated his 11 year mark this month. Before joining the Dowling team, Chad worked as a glazer at La Mesa Glass, Inc. for 10 years, giving him over 20 years of experience in the construction industry.

Chad’s quick problem-solving often prevents schedule delays due to unforeseen circumstances. For example, he is currently working on a 3rd floor conference room extension with a strict deadline. Two days before completion, glass was on site to be installed; however, the pieces were too large to fit in the elevator or maneuvered in the stairwell. Before anyone was aware of the issue, Chad had arranged for a boom lift to appear on site the next day in order to pull a exterior window from the building so the glass could be brought onto the job site.

glazing, glass, boom lift, construction, TI

Glass Doesn’t Fit Inside the Building? No Problem!


Longtime customer, Kathy Sullivan– Senior Real Estate Manager, CBRE– had the following to say about Chad.

Chad is a proactive and communicative Superintendent. He is trust to bring attention to items that should be addressed, whether or not within the scope of work. Chad is available, responsive and has never disappointed us. He understands the big picture, works well with the building and management staff, and has ALWAYS completed projects on time and in excellent condition.

Way to go Chad, keep up the phenomenal work!


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