2016: A Year to Reflect Upon

As we prepare to usher in a New Year, we thought it would be nice to look back at one of our most successful years!

We started the year by saying goodbye to Angela Rauzi, who single-handedly ran our Business Development efforts for the previous 10 years.  We were sad to see her leave and wished her the best.  As one door closed, another door opened.  Instead of replacing Angela with another business development professional, we decided to form a committee with our existing employees to share the load.  Cynthia Bustamante—Gayle Johnson’s longtime assistant—and Shelby Giese, our fairly new receptionist (and newly graduated English major from University of Hawaii), are leading the committee; with Glenn Fricke, Gayle Johnson and Jim Dowling providing supporting roles as needed.

Boma Gala 2016 - RSI Roofing

Shelby, Jim, Martha, and Glenn at the 2016 BOMA Gala.

We decided to focus our efforts on Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) rather than spreading ourselves too thin by belonging to all the construction and building trade groups that are available. Shelby, Glenn and Jim all participate in BOMA committees, as well as, attended the year end Gala—which Shelby helped organize and Jim presented an award (see our blog post about the event).



A little later in the year, we had another employee leave which opened the door for Shelby to join the Glenn Fricke Management Team!  Shelby convinced Jim and Gayle that she could still contribute to the Business Development team while supporting Glenn with their projects.  Boy, was she right!  Shelby has proven herself a “super millennial” and their projects are running smoothly with more customer compliments than ever before.  Go team!

We have had many interesting projects this year.  Our major project for the year was remodeling a senior care facility. Jim and Wanda Benedetto provided the oversight. This project consisted of new finishes on five floors, and has been a challenge for our two Superintendents—Ryan Short and Mario Gonzalez—as this is a fully-occupied, fully-functioning care center.  We have received many compliments from the staff of the facility on how painless the process was and how clean everything was kept during the construction.  We need to thank our great in-house talent and our committed subs for such a great project!  This project will extend through 2017.




A Completed Remodel Ran by Scott Kelly 

We also completed twenty-seven remodels for the same location in the Senior Living portion of the facility.  Scott Kelly has been the organized, efficient Superintendent on these projects.  With the help of our in-house talent and our subs, we have finished all these projects on time and within budget.




Team Glenn/Shelby have also managed a plethora of projects this year.  One of the most memorable was for Rady Children’s Hospital—a new medical office build out for CPMCG “Children’s Campus”.  Jimmy Johns was the Superintendent for the 7,600 square foot build out, and wowed Rady’s construction team with his proactive, quick-thinking attitude.


A Colorful, Whimsical Nurse Station

Glenn and Shelby also completed several projects for University of San Diego.  These projects are always a challenge due to time constraints with the campus schedules.  Chad Reed, our senior Superintendent, handled these projects with skill and finesse, one of the many reasons USD continues to hire Dowling Construction for their endless TIs.



Demoing the Old to Make Way for the New!

Dowling Construction also welcomed Steve Holstein as our newest Superintendent.  Steve will be spearheading Dowling’s first ground up project.  We have been hired by St. Madeleine’s Sophie Center to construct their new Pool House facility.  We have completed the demolition of the old pool house; in addition to, the grading and pad preparation for the new pool house.  We are currently waiting for the permits to be issued by the City of El Cajon.

We have had many milestones as we head into our 19th year in business:  Gayle Johnson has been with us 18 years, Glenn Fricke & Jared Kline (our field foreman) celebrated their 12th year, and Chad Reed & Cynthia Bustamante have been with us 11 years.  Wanda is celebrating her 8th year with us. If that’s not employee loyalty, then we don’t know what is!

On a personal note, my six daughters continue to amaze me.  Candice, my oldest, will bless us with our first grandchild, Michael James, (I know, a boy!), any day now.  Sarah is heading up an amazing study as a project coordinator for the University of California San Diego in the psychology department; Rian graduated from dental assistant school and is employed as an assistant to an orthodontist in La Mesa; Emily will be graduating from Northern Arizona University with a degree in History (I wonder where that came from!J);Jessica will be completing her Junior year at Point Loma Nazarene University where she plays for the woman’s soccer team and is an Economics major; and last, but not least, is Alyssa who is a junior at Steele Canyon High School where she is excelling academically and is the starting goalie for the girls Varsity soccer team.

A special thanks to my beautiful wife for putting up with me for another year, and for once again making all the Christmas baskets with her homemade goodies for our wonderful customers. (If you were a lucky recipient we sure hope you enjoyed all the tasty treats made with love).

May your 2017 be an amazing year!

-Jim Dowling, Founder & President of Dowling Construction


4 thoughts on “2016: A Year to Reflect Upon

  1. No one does it better than Dowling Construction! Best customer service in the industry! Thank you Jim, Wanda, Jimmy and other team members for all of the great projects you have delivered for McGrath Development over the years – always on time and within budget.

    Joe Skrysak
    McGrath Development, Inc.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the appreciation Joe, we always enjoy working with McGrath and look forward to many more projects together in 2017


  2. Congratulations on such an amazingly successful year! The team is only as good as it’s Leader and you must be the Best Boss! I am always interested in your monthly BLOG to see the amazing colors and layouts your teams put together. Having worked in the Health Care field, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your nursing stations and all the other stations and rooms you create with such a whimsical feel. When you work 8-10 hrs a day with people and children you deserve to have a relaxing atmosphere and your Team puts that together brilliantly. Also congratulations on your project from the ground-up facility – very pleased your Community appreciates your ‘excellent’ creativity and workmanship.

    Looking forward to your Blog during 2017. GO DOWLING TEAM!

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