Breaking Down the PM & GC Relationship

Trust between property managers (PMs) and general contractors (GCs) is crucial to building and maintaining a working relationship for both parties. Understanding the stresses of each side evokes empathy and helps one another work more cohesively. Whether you are the PM or the GC, we all have one common end goal — completing a project on time & within budget while exceeding the tenant/owner’s expectations. Other similarities between a PM and GC are:

* Managing people and projects (tenants & maintenance vs. subs & TIs)
* Preparing budgets (property budgets vs. project budgets)
* Meeting deadlines
* Keeping tenants happy

Some things we should remember about the other side are:

 * Bid process for a GC takes time
GC’s need to set up a job walk, gather RFI’s and receive answers, acquire sub bids, and compile a comprehensive, detailed bid. Most GCs want to prepare the most accurate proposal possible in order to avoid change orders, delays and mistakes before the project begins.

 Two Things A PM/CM Can Do To Speed Up the Bid Process:
1. Provide an accurate As-Built
2. Provide a list of finishes or an allotted allowance
i.e. $20 per syd carpet/ $75 LED fixtures

  * Most GCs have the integrity of the building in mind
Dowling Construction’s Superintendents are extremely knowledgeable. They will note discrepancies, deficiencies and shoddy work from years of TIs, and will bring it to the property manager/construction manager’s attention along with a solution to fix the problem. We care about your building and want to leave it in better condition than when we started.

 * Property/Construction Managers are always under pressure
The owner/leaser/tenant always needs the bid yesterday, and won’t stop calling until they have it!

* Property Managers wear multiple hats
GC’s may forget that construction is not the only part of a PM’s job. PM’s are constantly fielding tenant complaints & requests, coordinating vendors for building upkeep, and communicating with building owners on a daily basis.

Here at Dowling Construction, we take the time to think about the other side. Many of our employees have worked on both sides of the spectrum and have shared their experiences with the rest of us. We’ve spent years perfecting our organizational tier of checks-and-balances so that all projects run on auto-pilot & require minimal attention from the PM/CM. We are here to help you focus on your many other tasks!  Leave the building up to us 😉

If you’re fed up with you’re go to GC, or are ready try someone new,  allow Dowling Construction to WOW you. We promise to exceed all expectations! 

Please call us at 858-277-7988 or reply to this email if you have a question, want pricing, or want to note an important job stress I missed!


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