Tenant improvement construction projects—whether small, medium or large— can have a major impact on a building, especially buildings with multiple tenants.  The cleanliness of the site is not only an aesthetic issue, but a safety issue as well.  Job sites must be cleaned daily to ensure the safety of the workers and also the safety of clients visiting the site to check on the progress.

Many tenant improvement construction firms rely on the subcontractors to keep the project clean.  Though the majority of subcontractors have very good intentions of cleaning up after themselves, for many different reasons, the cleaning does not get done and the project can become cluttered with debris and drywall dust that migrates to common building areas.

The general contractor is responsible for the process and completion of a project.  This includes the site maintenance both within the suite and through out areas of the building affected by the construction.  The general contractor should have on their staff personnel whose primary responsibility is site maintenance and job site cleanliness. Make sure your staff is equipped with the proper tools, carts and cleaning supplies to maintain the site. Dowling Construction has a designated “Isuzu Crew” who visits job sites daily to perform site maintenance, haul debris, and ensure all construction and common areas are clean to the Dowling standard. There are many products available now to keep the job site clean and protect existing finishes.   These products include:

Waxed base sweeping compound: Minimizes dust when sweeping (and the wax base is non toxic and odor free).

Carpet mask: A self adhesive plastic sheeting that protects carpets and is safer to walk on than regular plastic sheeting that you tape down. They also make similar products for hard surfaces and windows.

Tacky Mats: A mat that you place at the exits of the construction space that eliminates dust from the bottom of shoes and carts.

A dump truck will speed up the process of removing debris from the site and to the landfill.

Having our own maintenance crew allows for subcontractors to leave their waste material behind, making it more convenient for the subcontractor to begin his work, perform his work, and pack up his equipment and proceed to the next project. Inevitably, this reduces labor cost and improves efficiency.

The building owner/manager, tenants and subcontractors will all appreciate a clean site, which will enhance the speed and quality of a tenant improvement project.



Written By: Jim Dowling, President


2 thoughts on “YOUR MOM DOES WORK HERE!

  1. Very interesting article regarding DOWLING CONSTRUCTION as they improve their image by going above & beyond by taking such intricate steps to keep the job site clean not only of their material but that of other sub contractors on the job site. Question: Is the staff trained & certified for “Hazard Material Cleanup”? Thank you. E Switzer


    • Typically, we would hire out and call in the experts for hazardous materials. They are more equipped to remove and dispose of that type of material.


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