Project Recap: Occupied Extension

In mid-January we began an expansion project located in La Jolla that had a drop-dead tenant move in date quickly approaching. We knew we had one superintendent perfect for the job–Jimmy Johns, the master of aggressive, yet realistic, schedules. Two suites were to become one and at the location where the demising wall was demoed, Jimmy erected a temporary wall, hardly noticeable in the occupied suite, complete with insulation to minimize any construction noise for the tenants working on the other side.


When performing an occupied build out (well any TI for that matter), Dowling takes special care to ensure the job site is kept organized & immaculate. We have an “Isuzu Crew” that visits job sites regularly to perform site maintenance, haul away debris, and keep dust at a minimum. This is especially important during occupied build outs, as you never know when the tenant will pop in to check out the progress.


Often times, the little things like adding insulation to a temporary wall and keeping the site spotless are over-looked, but Dowling Construction’s superintendents are aware of the tiny details that can make or break a tenant’s sanity (as we know construction is stressful, especially when business is still operating!) We try to minimize worries so that when the final product is turned over, all the tenant remembers is how painless a Dowling Construction build out is.


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