Dowling Construction was founded in 1998 by Jim Dowling. We are a tenant improvement company that prides in performing quality work in retail and medical office spaces, large business parks, and well-known local universities. Our blog is a reflection of our brand, industry knowledge and unique company personality.

Describing Dowling Construction as a Car:

Dowling Construction is a Buick Century with a 454 4-Barrel carburetor and 4 on the floor. We do not appear flashy, but respectable and can get it going. We like to have fun and want our experience together to be memorable.

Describing Dowling Construction as a Person:

Dowling Construction is the neighbor you trust with getting your mail, watering the plants and feeding your dog while on vacation. He wears button up shirts to work, but a Padre jersey on the weekends. He answers the phone on the first ring, and remembers that your daughter just got married. Although his phone rings non-stop, he likes to chit-chat and catch up in between the business talk.


We will provide our customers with a product that will surpass expectations. We will complete our projects quickly, professionally and in the best interest of our customer. Our bottom line is customer satisfaction.