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From the Desk of Jim Dowling: Voting in the USA

The United States is a great experiment. Our founding fathers— learned in the philosophies of Locke, Montesquieu, Adam Smith and others— believed strongly that man has inalienable rights; individual liberty is chief among them. Individuals have rights they are born with. The government does not give rights, they can only protect them or take them […]
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Here are five fun facts about Labor Day!  It is unknown who actually proposed the idea of Labor Day, though many think it was Peter J. McGuire.    Labor Day started as demonstration of workers demanding their rights. Approximately 10,000 workers participated in the 1st Labor Day parade…on a Tuesday. Our neighbors to the north, […]
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History of Father’s Day

It may come as a surprise that idea of Father’s Day came from opposite ends of the country, by two women who wished to honor and celebrate fathers.  The first Father’s Day occurred in Fairmont, West Virginia on July 5, 1908 when Grace Golden Clayton suggested to her minister that they should hold services to […]
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Project Recap: Spec Suite 135 — Sorrento Valley

Project Team: Glenn Fricke (PM), Shelby Ballow (PC) and Chad Reed (Superintendent) Project Size: 2,440 est sf Project Cost: ~$116,500.00 Project Duration: 7 weeks It is becoming more common for building owners to invest in building out speculative suites, so the space is “move-in ready” for prospective tenants.  The suite was completely gutted and returned […]
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It’s Just Paint: How Hard Can It Be?

If you’ve ever wondered that then read on.  In our continuing series we answer some often-asked questions in construction and offer tips and answers.  We contacted San Diego painter Paul Schubert of Paul Schubert Painting for his thoughts on the following questions. Why flat versus egg shell versus semi-gloss and what applications decide which should […]
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18 Shades of Success

Last Friday #teamdowling headed to San Marcos to pop up a tent on hole #1 at Twin Oaks Golf Course. Dowling’s giant green tent was a hard one to miss, plus Jim’s cookies, Martha’s banana bread and Shelby’s s’more bars are unforgettable! We also had ring toss to give the golfer’s backs a break from […]
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Ready for the Red Carpet

#ThrowBackThursday to last year’s BOMA/IFMA Joint Expo at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The theme was Superheros, so the TI Titan and Dowling Girl made a special appearance.

History of Presidents’ Day

Learn some fun facts about Presidents’ Day, formerly known as Washington’s birthday.

Throw Back Thursday: Our First Blog Post

Throw Back Thursday to Dowling’s First Blog Post

Q&A with Jimmy Johns

Meet one of our superintendents- Jimmy Johns. And no- he’s not the sandwich guy!